New Flower City

  Wuhan has four distinctive seasons, and different flowers blossom throughout the whole season. Sakura and azaleas bloom in spring, lotus and water lily flourishin summer, chrysanthemum and osmanthus scentin autumn and plum and calyx canthus blossom in winter. The five golden flowers –plum, sakura, azaleas, peony and lotus – are cultivated in different areas and are widely popular on the market and with tourists. The geographical location creates a brilliant and spectacular atmosphere, helps protecting butterflies dancing around the flowers.

  Wuhan is the best place to admire flowers. The topography and climate create a rich diversity of flower species. In addition to Wuhan’s five golden flowers, there areorchid, enchanting flamboyant peach blossom, rank rape flower, tulip, osmanthus, chrysanthemum and many more species. 

  The Wuhan Flower Admiring Tourism Development Plan (2012--2020) was proposed by the Wuhan Government Executive Committee on August 20th.

  The plan decided the opening of the 10th China International Garden exposition as a start of 3-8 years. The 3-year plan is expected to attract an investment of almost 20 billion Yuan.